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Cloud-based Property Management Systems (CPMS)
At the core of Gearco is its cloud-based platform, a global application architecture which is comprised of hosted Cloud-based Property Management Systems (CPMS). Gearco developed its Hotelgears cloud-based platform after a long history of providing solutions to technology challenged industries. Property owners, managers, associates, and accountants use CPMS to manage day-to-day business functions such as property revenue collection, security control, customer transactions, inventory management, maintenance tasks, tax tracking, and daily audits. CPMS also manage guest bookings, online reservations, point of sale, telephone and other amenities. Hotel property management systems may interface with central reservation systems and revenue or yield management systems, front office, back office and point of sale systems. Learn more about Systems.
Cloud Computing
"Cloud computing... is a style of computing where IT-related capabilities are provided 'as a service,' allowing users to access technology-enabled services 'in the cloud' without knowledge of, expertise with or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them." Learn more about Cloud Computing.
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Cloud Computing
Hotelgears combines over 15 years of property management system knowledge and 13 years of web-based technology experience to bring you the best-of-breed technology on the web.
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