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About Hotelgears • A Gearco System
Gearco Inc. (formerly known as Lodge Services) is a privately-owned Internet-based corporation in the United States that engineers technology for Cloud-based Property Management Systems, providing Software as a Service solutions to extended stay hotels, small to mid-size hotels, B&B, aparthotels, apartments, and self-storage. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Duluth, GA, our mission is "to organize industry-specific applications (gears) into well run machines (systems) that are globally accessible."

At the core of Gearco is its cloud-based platform, a global application architecture which is comprised of hosted Cloud-based Property Management Systems (CPMS). Gearco developed its Hotelgears cloud-based platform after a long history of providing solutions to technology challenged industries. Property owners, managers, associates, and accountants use CPMS to manage day-to-day business functions such as property revenue collection, security control, customer transactions, inventory management, maintenance tasks, tax tracking, and daily audits.

With an economical subscription fee and no contract, Gearco CPMS provides high yield property management and growth opportunity.
Technology Milestones :: Desktop • Internet • Cloud Computing
1993 • Lodge Services Created as one of the first Windows desktop applications for the hospitality industry.
1996 • i-NetReports.com Industry's first Web-based reporting system.
2001 • LodgeManager.com i-NetReports.com merged to LodgeManager.com, our corporate management system designed to allow owners and managers to remotely manage their hotels.
2003 • Hotel Dashboard Hotel Dashboard
2005 • Lodge Manager Net Two-way system integration between Lodge Manager and Lodge Services.
2007 • Collaboration Network Sharing secure guest information between hotels.
2008 • Hotelgears Cloud-based Hotel Property Management System.
2009 • Gearco Cloud Platform Cloud-based Property Management System Platform to support Apartments, Hotels, and Self Storage.
2010 • Apartmentgears Cloud-based Apartment Property Management System.
2011 • Storagegears Cloud-based Self Storage Property Management System.
Gearco Brands and Services
Leverage Our Experience
On Demand Systems
Hotelgears is On Demand, meaning you can get an account, select a system, determine the right financial service level (even free), select some apps or powertools, and be up and running in no time. In addition to a startup assistance service, Hotelgears offers over a hundred Apps, PowerTools, IntelligentTools, and Reports all On Demand. Hotelgears is offered as Software as a Service. Software as a Service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'sass') is a model of software deployment whereby a provider, Hotelgears, will license an application to you for use as a service on demand. SaaS is also often associated with a "pay-as-you-go" (PayGo) subscription licensing model. Learn more about SaaS from Wikipedia. Hotelgears defines Pay-as-You-Go (PayGo) as a cloud service subscription charged on a monthly or annual basis with no contracts. Various services may be activated or deactivated monthly as often as needed. Switching between subscriptions may result in additional fees.
Flexible Platform Choices
The Hotelgears Platform is compatible with all major operating systems and all major web browsers, and may be hosted in the cloud or on-premises providing you with the most flexibility in the market. Once you access the cloud, you get your choice of systems and apps to deploy within your company. Hotelgears is based on a Distributed Model (discontinued as of 2015) platform which means your information can be accessed from the Hotelgears cloud regardless of whether the system is hosted in the cloud or on-premises on site using the Hotelgears' Overdrive Appliance.
Your Choice of Apps
Hotelgears Apps are nothing like you've used before. Simply pick the app you need, setup your business rules, assign security privileges, and your app is live. Ranging from room management, guest services, multi-brand revenue consolidation to end-user security, internal system integration and more, there's an app for your every need.
Trust: Giving Back
Over the years, we've watched our competitors deceive customers into using weak management systems. Our response is to give back by offering you risk-free solutions, and we address this in several ways: Life-trial, No Contracts, Custom Apps Request, App-trials and Raw Data Access. If Hotelgears does not offer an App that you require, simply submit a Custom Apps Request. Our development team will review the request to determine if your request can be beneficial to other Hotelgears customers. If so, then only a small implementation fee will be assessed. If not, we will price a fixed fee to build and implement the App based on a clear scope design. If you find an App you would like to try, simply select the App as an App-trial and begin using it right away. Trial periods may vary based on the application type. Because on our PayGo method, you may stop using an App at anytime and there will be no futher charges to your account for the App. Finally, we give you access to download your financial data in raw format. This means you can get your data month by month to use as you need it, even if you decide to use another company.
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