Gearco Cloud Wifi Control.
Take control of your property's WI-FI.
Provide the best possible surfing experience to your customers with auto-managed WI-FI while blocking unwanted access.
Actively monitoring over a million status checks a month.

Login Control

Cloud WI-FI Control can optionally present a login screen based on a combination of known property information, like room number, folio number, and/or customer name.

Otherwise, WI-FI can be open and granted to all customers.

Optionally, WI-FI can be natively sold within Gearco for various periods on time or tied to the customer's stay dates.

Bandwidth Control

Your Internet service is important to your business and customers. Customers want to work smoothly, watch streaming shows, or play games without the consistent buffering or timeouts.

Use Cloud Wifi Controls to restrict the amount of bandwidth used by customers based on their level of service — helping to provide a better overall Internet experience for all customers.

Also, additional bandwidth can be natively sold within Gearco for gaming, streaming, or other high-speed device requirements for various periods on time.

On-time Rent Control

Cloud Wifi Control will encourage customers to pay their rent on time by prohibiting Internet access for all devices linked to the unit when rent is overdue.

Blacklist Control††

Protect your customers by filtering your WI-FI traffic through a master list of blacklisted websites that'll provide safe surfing while blocking illegal and unwanted content.

Cloud Wifi Blacklist Controls also helps to prevent receiving unwanted copyright infringement letters from your Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Actively monitoring and blocking more than 4000+ sites.

Device Limit Control

Sometimes it's just a numbers game — the more devices, the more Internet usage.

Use Cloud Wifi Controls to restrict the number of devices per customer that can simultaneously access the Internet at once.

Also, additional connections can be natively sold within Gearco to increase the number of simultaneous devices.

Do Not Rent (DNR) Control

Cloud Wifi Control will block WI-FI access for in-house customers that have been placed on your DNR list.

A DNR Reinstatement Fee can be imposed to have WI-FI re-enabled.

Intrusion Detection and Outage Control

Cloud Wifi Control includes an Intrusion Detect System (IDS) to block unwanted malware or infected computers.

Always be up to speed, get notified or access reports on WI-FI Antenna outages.

Controlled Wifi.
How it works.
Additional Gearco Solutions

Putting the gears to work.

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Cloud Portal
Cloud Reservations
Cloud Paper
Cloud CC
Cloud Ops
Wifi Control
Front-Desk Computer

Cloud Portal

My Guest Portal for Customers.

My Guest Portal provides self-servicing benefits by saving time with online access to pay rent, maintenance requests, and skip the line. In addition, it helps reduce traffic to the front office and saves of office supplies.

Also, stay compliant and support COVID-19 Social Distancing.

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Cloud Reservations

Solutions for online reservations and channel management.

Our two-way interface makes it easy to capture reservations, securely store credit cards, and synchronize inventory between the CPMS and all target channels.

Use Gearco's LOS Protection system to control and allocate True Extended Stay inventory to prevent reservation overbookings against in-house forever guests.

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Cloud Paper

Solutions for going paperless.

Allows your front-desk to capture driver's license photos, profile data, and signature for each adult without typing, and it is digitally stored with registration documents and purchase receipt signatures.

Over 1 million documents captured in the last 12 months saving trees, toner and cost. . .

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Cloud CC

Solutions for credit card processing with EMV and PCI protection.

Get integrated secure PCI EMV and tokenization credit card processing with signature capture and touchscreen tech.

Securely stored credit card data that meets PCI compliance with minimal effort from your staff.

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Cloud Ops

Need easy apps for operations?

Gearco Cloud Ops automates interactions and services between your front desk and operations teams.

Also, control which local, public, or company networks users are allowed to access Cloud Ops.

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Gearco's Artificial Bot Intelligence

Abi gives you smart responses to the questions you ask through conversation from our cloud. She's always connected to your properties and available to give you instantaneous answers about your property metrics like total occupancy, average daily rate, expected revenue, and so much more.

You need only ask!

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Cloud Send

Centralized Communication Services.

Extraordinary management experiences come from the right Communication Platform. Centralize your communications between front-desk, operations, customers, and vendors.

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Cloud Wifi Control

Take control of your wifi.

Get control of your property's wifi by managing bandwidth, number of devices, blacklisted sites, and on-time rent access.

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Thin Client

For your front-desk.

Manage your business now and in the future with the powerful, highly configurable, and long life-cycle HP Thin Client + Gearco Apps running on Windows 10, quad-core processing, dual 4K monitor support, and dual network connectivity.

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Gearco CPMS

Systems that support Cloud Wifi Control

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True Extended Stay®
Independent Hotels
Bed & Breakfast
Vacation Rentals
Housing & Rentals

For True Extended Stay® operators.

With our True Extended Stay® system, you can truly operate properties where guests stay 7 to forever nights and get automated processes such as automatic tax limits with rebate credits, city ordinance length-of-stay caps, renewal rules with no folio size restrictions, rate roll-ups, automatic late fees, and damage and deposit retention controls—just to name a few. And also, you'll be pleased to know that we easily handle true extended stay inventory management for the forever guest. At Gearco, we know and support the difference for true extended stays.

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Hotelgears Cloud CC

For independent hotel operators.

Owners and managers of small scale hotels, all-suite hotels, and limited service or midscale hotels can relax knowing Gearco will enforce business rules, control rates, govern operational processes, and prevent loss. Also, you easily manage reservations by using channel managers for OTA and GDS bookings.

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B&Bgears Cloud CC

For Bed & Breakfast operators.

Gearco is an intuitive, easy to learn solution for your Bed and Breakfast. We'll connect your properties to the major OTAs and GDS, increasing your visibility .

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Rentalgears :: Housing Cloud CC

For housing & rentals companies.

For properties governed by housing laws, you'll enjoy flexible rent-rolls with a blend of housing and extended stay guests, complete with accurate tax management. No need to worry about tracking agreements: we have a complete flexible paperless solution with instant, court-ready document recall.

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Rentalgears :: Vacations Cloud CC

For vacation rental companies.

Manage multiple vacation properties with ease using Gearco, which features intuitive online booking, powerful automation tools, flexible business rules, an advanced rate manager, and much more!

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